Multifunctional SMT pick and place machine Paraquda - one platform for all tasks

We are using a multi-purpose pick and place center Paraquda. Which is a new generation of SMT "pick and place" machines with very large capacity of SMT placement.  It is designed to be extremely flexible for production of SMT components. The proven technology of the Swiss company Essemtec, provides the highest technology and accuracy while performing.pick and place machine

Flexible and fast SMT center

SMT platform Paraquda combines three different production steps within one platform (jet printing of solder paste and/or glue and SMD assembly). Components from 01005 up to 100x100 mm can be picked and placed by all 4 high-accuracy placement axes of the Paraquda. It is equipped with Essemtec IEC - technology to improve the quality and flexibility of assembling printed circuits boards. A maximum component height of u