Multifunctional SMT pick and place machine Paraquda - one platform for all tasks

We are using a multi-purpose pick and place center Paraquda. Which is a new generation of SMT "pick and place" machines with very large capacity of SMT placement.  It is designed to be extremely flexible for production of SMT components. The proven technology of the Swiss company Essemtec, provides the highest technology and accuracy while performing.pick and place machine

Flexible and fast SMT center

SMT platform Paraquda combines three different production steps within one platform (jet printing of solder paste and/or glue and SMD assembly). Components from 01005 up to 100x100 mm can be picked and placed by all 4 high-accuracy placement axes of the Paraquda. It is equipped with Essemtec IEC - technology to improve the quality and flexibility of assembling printed circuits boards. A maximum component height of up to 25 mm allows to place any size of components. Fine-pitch components down to 0.3mm, BGA’s, MicroBGA’s, CSP, QFN or even odd-shape components can be placed.

The Paraquda meets all the requirements of a modern, highly flexible production system - quick changeover, intuitive operation and the combined usage of jet or needle valves. Thanks to the integration of modern ERP systems design and production Paraquda is the ideal equipment for the production of components with varying layouts.

3D AOI - Automatic optical inspection

3D height data to be by directly reading sample and components height to analyze assembly conditions.
Effective to detect failures with microchips with small pads and parts having bottom electrodes.
Height measurement range is up to 20mm by active projection technology.
Sample surface can be measured from every 4 directions without dead angle.saki aoi

Inspection data can be generated easily from CAD data. As measurement is performed in a large area, sample surface can be automatically detected and height zero reference points will be set automatically for each block area. By doing so, inspection library data can be easily added onto necessary locations without having effect by adjacent components. In case of Active project technology, measurement is performed based on each FOV (Field of View). By employing high rigidity gantry, measurement data for FOV can be automatically combined into one continuous image data for accurate position precision.

Saki’s new BF2 software allows a user to create inspection logic flexibly by combining 3D and 2D on top of existing Saki standard inspection logic to deal with new components and new failures in lines. Saki’s latest hardware realizes a further optimization of tact time by employing high speed gantry and GPU high speed calculation for high speed scanning system.

Ekra E2 semi-automatic printer

The E2 semi-automatic screen and stencil printer has been designed for printing of a large variety of flexible and rigid substrates for applications with small to medium size production volumes, R&D as well as prototyping purposes.

"Made in Germany", with high quality welded steel frame for maximum stability and stiffness.
Alignment accuracy: ± 10μm.
A large variety of flexible and rigid substrates up to 370 x 450 mm can be printed.
Fexible screen and stencil holder for all common screen/stencil sizes up to 620 x 740 mm (24 x 29 inches) without additional adapter.
Motor driven print table with high repeatability.
Simple operation of the machine with easy to use MS-Windows based software.
All process relevant data can be stored.
Quickest product changeover.


Reflow Oven

Reflow oven is used primarily for reflow soldering of surface mount electronic components to printed circuit boards (PCB). Remelting surface printed circuits boards is carried out by technological processes in a special oven (reflow oven) which means remelting with hot air.reflow oven

RO300FC heat’s exclusively with hot air (convection) and can be used for various tasks in soldering SMT components. In addition to cutting edge technology offered by the reflow oven in the process of assembling, experience and knowledge plays a big role in the production as well. It is  very important that the temperature and the speed of moving  components through the oven is just right and that the profiles are properly selected.



LPKF Prototype Lineprototype pcb circuits boards

For soldering of SMT prototype printed circuit boards we use a semi-automatic line LPKF. LPKF line is a semi-automatic handler for professional fitting of prototype circuit boards and small series of printed circuit boards. It allows us to quickly and accurately assemble a component.

With four directional keypad we can control every step of the work process.


We work in accordance with certificate
IPC - Association Connecting Electronics Industries®





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