THT Assembly

THT (Through Hole Technology) mounting technique involves different components which have lead wires that are led to the board through holes. Through Hole is anticipated to remain in use in testing and prototype applications. All that may need manual adjustments and replacements.  
Through Hole Mounting provides stronger mechanical bonds versus SMT techniques. We use it for connectors or heavy components such as transformers. Through Hole Technology is ideal for components that might undergo mechanical stress.
THT (Through Hole Technology) mounting technique is suitable for small and medium-sized or prototype series. Due to the rapid responsiveness and flexibility, THT line represents the ideal solution for all companies who want to check the functionality or eliminate the shortcomings of the prototype. Production of THT soldering is done by hand with a "lead free" solder wire.

Based on more than ten years of experience in soldering of the THT components, we help our clients with the planning through the final product.

In the field of THT our company provides:
• Preparation of material.
• THT assembly.
• Optical control.
• Packing and shipping.

To ensure the highest quality soldering of the THT components, all our working area is protected by anti-static inlets. All circuits boards are visually inspected, prior to shipment with, special optical equipment.

We work in accordance with certificate
IPC - Association Connecting Electronics Industries®